Thank you for being ready to take bold action against Kinder Morgan Canada's/Justin Trudeau's Trans Mountain diluted bitumen pipeline and tanker project. We're organizing actions and events all the time and we will reach out occasionally with times and dates to be aware of.

Let's get started! Please let us know as much as you are comfortable with. We organize under the principles of the Watch House and are guided by Indigenous spiritual leadership so we can fight this pipeline and tanker project in a good way. Please let us know you can operate under these guidelines:

I agree:
  • I am more than 18 years old
  • I respect and listen to Coast Salish jurisdiction on their unceded territory
  • I will not bring weapons of any kind. I will not tolerate violence of any kind..
  • I will protect the land, water, property, and people
  • I will not bring alcohol and/or drugs of any kind
  • If I do not abide by Indigenous protocol, or disrespect Elders or members of the community I may be required to leave the gathering
  • I will participate in a mandatory training before the action
  • I consent to receiving emails and occasional text messages informing me of important events.
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Your personal story can convince more people to join the movement. Tell us about yourself: What do you do for a living? Are you a parent?Is there something in your personal story that people would find surprising for someone opposing a pipeline?